The Other, who is he ? 

It's obvious ! In this period of incertainty that pushes people into self-withdrawal or worse, hating the other, how can we fail questioning ourselves about otherness ? According to Emmanuel Lévinas, in order to get out of our loneliness which is a source of dispair or isolation in anguish, the human being can go along two paths, that of knowledge and that of sociability. Doesn't the work of the documentary film maker consist in following these two paths ? His gaze allows a true encounter with this Other and therefore offers us the tools of knowledge about ourselves. In this encounter, there is a reciprocal commitment : after having discovered this Other, we discover our responsability towards him and a new closeness is created. Born 21 years ago from a crazy bet of creating a place to show documentary films in a small village of the Cevennes, the Lasalle festival offers the opportunity to meet people allowing everyone to reveal themselves to others and to get to know each other better : a invigorating experience of the "living together". 

Practical Information 

Lasalle is located in the valley of the Salindrenque in the Cevennes, a Protestant land, then a land of resistance, refuge and underground, a land which remains that of freedom. It's a typical village of the Cevennes valleys, with its long street of 2 km, built on the banks of the Salindrenque river.
on the village square